Portugal não tem uma estratégia anti-corrupção

Resumo da situação portuguesa, segundo o primeiro relatório anti-corrupção da União Europeia, apresentado hoje.

“In Portugal, although various anti-corruption initiatives have been implemented over the last decade, including new legislation, there is no comprehensive national anti-corruption strategy in place. In addition, effective prosecution of high-level corruption cases remains a challenge. In this report, the European Commission suggests that Portugal ensures that law enforcement, prosecution and judiciary are well equipped to effectively deal with complex corruption cases, and establishes a convincing track record of corruption cases. Further preventive action against corrupt practices in party funding should be undertaken, and codes of conduct for elected officials should be developed. The Commission is also suggesting that further efforts need to be made to adequately address conflicts of interests and asset disclosure of officials at local levels. Transparency and control mechanisms around public procurement procedures should be strengthened further. Moreover, Portugal should identify risk factors for corruption in local urban planning decisions.

Alongside an analysis of the situation in each EU Member State, the European Commission is also presenting two extensive opinion polls. More than three quarters of European citizens, and a full 90 percent of the Portuguese, agree that corruption is widespread in their home country. Portugal scores better than the EU average, however, when citizens are asked whether they have direct experience of corruption – fewer than one percent of the Portuguese say that they have been asked or expected to pay a bribe in the past year, while the European average is 4 percent. 36 percent of Portuguese citizens consider that they are affected by corruption in their everyday lives.”



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